House, Progressive & Melodic House,

Techno and Trance Music Club

90's and 00's

Our passion is to make people dance!

Our specialty is to recreate the Ibiza festive ambience

right in your own living room or backyard

for you and your friends' enjoyment!

 True to our roots we want you to experience 

the Mediterranean flavor of the 90s and beyond!

Here you can find some of our latest sessions

Enjoy listening!

Dancing in the Light!

Video by October River Productions


Ibiza Sound Club offers music entertainment 

for private parties

birthdays, graduations, anniversaries

or just fun gatherings with friends.

You choose the venue,

we make your event special!

For more information on pricing or

 to schedule an event call or write: 

(406) 223-9351

(406) 223-5962

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Image by Marek Piwnicki


Private and Public Dances

Ibiza Sound Club provides entertainment 

with the greatest quality  of sound and music at private and public venues

to unite people in celebration and dancing,

Ibiza Sound Club always offers the best variety and selection of

House, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, and Trance Club Music